Sustainably made organic cotton men's yoga clothing.

The complete guide on how to do a press handstand.

Made from recycled organic cotton. Buy any two or more, save £10.

Why I Started So We Flow...

Movement has always been part of my life. From the super hero caped boy tearing around the garden, to arduous competitive swimming in my teens, to the young man exploring the world on foot and my body and mind on a mat. 

In recent years when the benefits of all types of movement have been recognised and the idea of it as a multi-disciplinary way of life formalised, I soon realised it was more accommodating of women than men, who barely had a voice beyond traditional exercise.

To encourage men to see movement as accessible and relevant to them required something tailored to their outlook - understated, functional and versatile - and ideally suited to both movement practices and day-to-day life... What’s more, needing lots of gear for different movement activities made as much sense to me as feeling restricted in everyday clothes.

That's why I created So We Flow... with freeing, responsible and carefully considered clothing contributing towards a balanced, easy approach to movement practices and a comfortable, unrestricted way of life.