3 Movement Hacks to Maximise Returns (And Minimise Investment)

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This isn’t about being lazy and doing the bare minimum - but if you had the opportunity to get more from what you put in, wouldn’t you take it?

Here’s 3 movement hacks to get the most out of the time you dedicate to movement.

#1 Lift Heavy Things

It’s simple - bigger muscles require more energy. What that means is that your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn just by existing) is higher. Therefore you can manage your weight without modifying your food intake (unless you want to gain weight).

Take Away

Include calisthenics, gymnastics, weight training or strength-focused yoga in your weekly practice.

#2 Move Naturally, Often

I go on about this all the time, but simply being more active throughout the day is hugely underestimated. Being sedentary is a primary cause of obesity (second only to the availability of high calorie, processed foods). If you could burn an extra 300 calories a day (the average amount used during a 30-minute run), just by being more active during the day (and without taking any time from your day) wouldn’t it make sense to utilise that?

Take Away

This is a hack because you don’t have to add anything extra - just stand up, walk, fidget, move more whilst doing the things you already do.

#3 Go Hard, Sometimes

It’s been shown that short periods of intense exertion continue to stoke the fire long after the effort has ended. Some studies show that your metabolism remains elevated for 24-48 hours. I believe the tangible effect of this to be small (but noticeable) - however if you want to milk every possible benefit out of a short window of movement, intensity might be your best friend.

Take Away

If you’re short on time, performing intervals (alternating between max effort and low intensity) is perhaps the most effective and efficient use of your time.

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