Get Outside

Man standing in the sea

Something incredibly accessible (yet powerful) that everyone can do every day for their mental and physical health is to simply spend time outside.

Nowadays we live most of our lives in geometric boxes - whether that’s home, work, transport or wherever else. It’s wonderful that we have protection from the elements and a place to rest in safety. Unlike our ancient ancestors, we no longer have to worry about what the environment throws at us (most of the time).

Yet with that we forget what we are - we are animals, evolved to exist in this world we find ourselves in. We are built to thrive in nature and all that comes with it.

Everyone knows the intangible feeling you get from walking through a forest, feeling the sand between your toes, the rain on your face or laying on a grassy verge watching the stars.

What is it doing to us physiologically? I have little idea. But sometimes we must act on instinct. We don’t always need to know they why.

What I know from my own experiences is that stress stands no chance against time in nature - it crumbles and you return a better man every time. I feel grounded, relaxed, whole…

This should be enough of a reason to take 5, 15, 60 minutes outside each day.

Make it happen and reap the rewards.


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