Movement Doesn't Have to Be Long, Complicated or Even Hard

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Movement doesn’t have to be long, complicated or even hard.

But many believe that’s what it is. That either means you do it, you know you should but will do it later (when I’m X,Y,Z)) or you don’t do it at all. Life gets in the way. Life is too busy. You don’t have time or the mental capacity.

The key to a happy body is to move naturally, often. That could be standing to work. Sitting on the floor rather than the sofa. Walking whenever you can. Crawling around the living room with the baby. Keeping busy with chores and tasks. Bending, twisting, squatting, stretching… Simply using your body in all the ways it’s capable at every opportunity.

I practice intentionally for less than an hour a day, often shorter. And most days that’s yoga or stretching. If I’m working towards a specific skill or strength goal I dial it in a little more, but I’ll rarely break a sweat. And that’s because I enjoy it, not because it’s ‘exercise’. That’s not to say that I don’t value cardio, HIIT, weightlifting or whatever else - but just to emphasise the power of frequent, natural movement.

You DO NOT need to exercise to maintain a healthy weight, feel mobile, energetic and happy - you just need to move frequently.

Make an effort to move more throughout the day and within weeks it will become something you don’t even have to think about doing.

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  • Ken

    This is a really nice post. The longer I practice yoga the more I’ve realised a very big part of it is just moving my body in different ways. Thanks for writing and I’m going to send it to a few friends I know will appreciate it. Ken

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