We're Moving to a Bigger Home

So We Flow... founder Jake Wood sat down cross-legged

I have some terribly unexciting news - we’re moving from our current warehouse to a bigger one. There are of course practical implications I must mention, but it also has a short but charming inside story attached to it.


Please bear with us as orders made after 12 pm on 6th September to the 12th September won’t be sent until Monday 13th September.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us - I’d be more than happy to help.


There are a handful of you who already know this, but Head of Fulfilment at So We Flow... is my wonderful mother Bridget.

Bridget became the first SWF employee several years ago, when packaging up orders became too much for me to manage alongside running the business. The way I remember it was that this coincided with a mention of looking for a part-time job... Or maybe I used offspring privileges to seal the deal. 

The topic came up and she kindly offered her services through a combination of motherly devotion and enjoying making things look beautiful. I knew from my years of experience that Bridget was s**t hot at folding, ironing and generally making things look like they were on display in a pristine showroom. That’s why over the years we’ve received compliment after compliment of the care taken over our packaging. This praise has always been passed on and happily received.

The time has come for us to move to a bigger warehouse and to relieve Bridget of her duties. There’s only so many boxes one can lift up and down a flight of stairs! I know she’ll be reading this so I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you so much for the ceaseless devotion and love you have and continue give towards me and my endeavours. You’re a wonderful person, mother and, of course, Head of Fulfilment.

If you’d like to pass on any words of gratitude to Bridget, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to pass it on.

Finally, with this move we’ll be maintaining our packaging standards and improving our fulfilment and delivery times by 24 hours in many cases which is great for everyone.

As always, if you have any questions please just ask - I’m happy to answer them.

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