What is Movement to You?

Abstract desert artwork by So We Flow...

Hellfire. A big question. Perhaps, for those passionate about movement, the equivalent of the universally confounding, 'what's the meaning of life?'.

So what is movement to me?

On a literal level, movement is what makes us living beings. Whether you're an animal, plant or fungi you move in some way or another. A rock doesn't move, nor does the ocean without external force. You could certainly argue that oceans do move. Or if it doesn't, maybe the earth or the air do which as consequence make the ocean move. So let's consider that to be true for a moment.

What separates animals, plants and fungi from rocks are that they move with purpose. They move to live - to eat, to drink, to reproduce, to defend. 

What separates animals from plants and fungi is that they also move for love, joy, curiosity and play.

What separates humans from animals is that we move for the challenge, adventure, creative expression and, admittedly less romantic, for health. You don't see a lion training to gain strength, lose weight or learn a new skill (though we may see this latter behaviour in certain primates).

Health aside, movement to me is connection. Connection all the way back down the chain - to myself as a living being. There are times when I move for the challenge, for adventure, to express and of course for my health. But they are fickle and not absolute.

But the one constant every time I move is the acknowledgement of who I am as a living thing - free from the shackles of the crazy world around us, my life, my personality and my ego. 

Movement is connecting with origin.

What is movement to you?

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