9 Waistline Friendly Habits - The Best Way to Get Abs

So We Flow... 9 Waistline Friendly Habits Infographic Cover

So We Flow... The Best Way To Get Abs Infographic

'Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’
Jim Ryun

We’re by no means ego-maniacs here at So We Flow... (we hope), but we do understand that when we look good, we feel good. And just recently, we’ve been thinking about our waistlines.

Yep. That’s right.

Some folk seem to have annoyingly statuesque midriffs without ever seeming to try, whilst some of us puff and pant at the gym until our hernias pop out, without so much of a glimmer of an abdominal.


Habits Are The Best Way To Get Abs

With this article, we’re not so much encouraging six-packs, rather sharing some simple habits that can be beneficial for happier, healthier bellies for boys. And it’s not all hard work. In fact, some of these suggestions are simple dietary choices. If you want them, it is truly the best way to get abs.

Give some of these changes a month (it’s not a long time) and see for yourself how much better you look and feel moving around gracefully in our Twill Longs.

You can do it.

Get Your Fibre

Shift what you don’t need. Stay light. Fibre gives you proper digestion and bowel movements. Find it in oats, beans, apples, flax seeds, citrus fruits and more. It’s also a long term battler of diabetes and heart disease.

Stay Hydrated

Bump up your metabolism with pure, clear, H20. Water also keeps your appetite in check. Regardless of your waistline, do something amazing for your body and stay hydrated with good filtered water.

Ditch the Sugar

Blood sugar spikes tell your body to store fat. Unless you’re a seal, you have trouble floating, or you live in an igloo, we don’t see that that’s too great. Lose the Haribo and lose the extra pinch.

Eat More Avocado

Healthy fats in avocado help thwart belly bloat. They also assist our bodies to better absorb carotenoids, cancer-fighting compounds found in colourful fruits and veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and squash. Go green. Go colourful. Stop the bloat.

Peak on Potassium

Get 422mg of potassium in a banana. The mineral helps to limit the amount of body swelling sodium in your temple. If it worked for Peter Andre, it can work for you too. Boom.

Binge on Berries

High antioxidant content in berries improves blood flow and oxidizes muscles. It doesn’t work the same if you have them on top of a gateux, or as wine, but add a few on your porridge as a little shift for the good. It all counts.

Change Your Tipple

If you like a drink, swap huge, calorific and wheat-laden pints for a smarter option. The average pint has over 200 calories and physically stretches your system with fluid. Compare that to a slimline G&T at 64, or a Prosecco at 80. 

Do More Cardio

Building cardio into your movement routine is transformational. This may seem obvious to some, but lots of folk hit the gym and never really raise their heart rate. We’ve been guilty of that. Have a good sweat, go on fellas.

LASTly - at least a little...

Exercise Your Abs

Things are getting a little more serious here, we realise. But unless you’re very lucky -  and you want ab definition - you’ll have to do focused core work. Chris Heria over at THENX, Al Kavadlo and Frank Medrano all have some great, weight-free, calisthenic core work outs to try. 

Be the change, men.

See you next time.

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