A Year In Review | So We Flow... 2018

So We Flow... Honest Yoga Mat in Lichen

2018 was the first full calendar year of business for us, so we’ve decided to take a look back over some of the memorable moments. We launched our first complete collection, hosted a handful of workshops, learnt from a load of mistakes and met some awesome individuals and communities along the way.

It's been incredible, but we’ve got tremendous plans for 2019. 


Man practicing a twisted yoga pose wearing so we flow... clothing

January 2018: A Heavy Delivery

We decided it was time to add some yoga mats to the roster, thus the Jute Yoga Mat was born. It wasn't easy to find something that fit the So We Flow... vibe, but jute hit the nail on the head. What we didn't know was that the delivery would weigh short of 9 tonnes and was unloaded single-handedly by our founder, Jake! The popularity of the Jute Yoga Mat has been staggering considering the huge range of yoga mats available. This year we're putting some serious consideration into how we can further improve the sustainability and eco-credentials of this mat.



Kyle Gray holding hands in prayer looking to the sky

February 2018: Tools For Positive MENtal Health

In the United Kingdom 45% of all work related sickness is related to stress and other mental health challenges. Almost everyone in the country has been touched by the challenges surrounding mental health and most of us have experienced our own emotional ups and downs. In February, we had the privilege of talking to author, Kyle Gray, who gave us his top tips for improving your personal mental health. Working with Kyle was the first of many amazing opportunities we would get that year to collaborate with people in the industry and beyond.



Man wearing so we flow... Warrior yoga T-shirt

March 2018: Graphic T-shirt Debut

We made the decision to roll out a collection of graphic t-shirts, designed by our close friend Harris Thornton, aka The Bird Life. They celebrated the power of yoga with a little humour thrown in for good measure, but most importantly began to establish what So We Flow... was all about. The print run was small, so in many ways was a chance to own a piece of So We Flow... history, so to our customers who supported this first batch, we thank you!



Man doing yoga in industrial yard wearing so we flow... yoga clothes for men

April 18: Twill Longs vs. The Rocket Yoga Series

'Can I do yoga in these?'

This is usually the first question that we hear when it comes to our Twill Longs. People are surprised to see yoga pants made from a woven material - with belt loops, button fly and all the rest. The truth of the matter is, we designed our twill longs not specifically for yoga, but as part of the grander vision for So We Flow... - clothing made for movement, but also for everyday life. This means our Twill Longs are popular amongst yogis (particularly teachers), climbers, calisthenics athletes, surfers but, primarily those who are generally active in their day-to-day life.

So, in answer to the question, 'yes, they would be perfect for a gentler practice, but we probably wouldn't recommend them for a rigorous Rocket class!'

That was how we used to answer... Until now. Until our friend Julio decided to put our twills through the ultimate yogic test - the Rocket Primary Series. They not only made it through unharmed, but Julio now uses them for his regular home practice as well as to teach his weekly classes. 



Man doing yoga on a rooftop

May 2018: Men Do Yoga | Monty Stilson

When So We Flow... first began, a kind soul named Monty proposed a photoshoot in exchange for some free gear - all we had to do was ship it out to New York and he would do the rest. Nothing spectacular was expected, it just seemed like a reasonable opportunity with a lovely fella. A few days later an email drops in from Monty, saying he'd done an off-the-cuff shoot with a guy we may or may not have known. The name of that guy was Al Kavadlo - little did Monty know that Al had been inspiring our founder Jake from afar for quite some years! A calisthenics legend if you will. These photographs continue to be used to this day and we truly appreciate how Monty helped us during those early days. That being said, it was long overdue that Monty would feature on our Men Do Yoga journal series. Cheers Monty!



Ravi Dixit yoga teacher poster for an event with so we flow...

June 2018: Men's Indian Yoga Workshop with Ravi Dixit

Ravi and his wife Talita are some of the loveliest people we know - plus Ravi is an amazing yoga teacher, known for his traditional Indian style. Our first ever ticketed  workshop was specifically designed for men, with Ravi taking the class through a traditional Indian Yoga practice with a focus on postures and sequences best suited to men's bodies. Several more followed and there will certainly be more to come!



Man doing peacock yoga pose on a cliff in Newquay

July 2018: Newquay Photoshoot with John Hersey

John came to us with an idea of using nature to represent our often industrial aesthetic. Cliff faces, rock formations and beaches galore. John was kind enough to invite us to stay at his home, meet his friends and share his lifestyle. This was yet another example of how time and time again people have shown us incredible benevolence and trust though little more than a shared passion. Big love John!



Man smiling to camera wearing So We Flow... vest

August 2018: Partnership with Icewater Yoga

We first stepped into the world of video with our 'Go With The Flow...' series - in partnership with Icewater Yoga. Through the months of August and September, we offered free yoga classes once per week right on our journal. Joe, founder of Icewater, curated eight incredible sessions taught by himself, Yancy Scot Schwartz, Keric Morinaga and Will Staten. All four are not only wonderful practitioners, but also great gentlemen. 



So We Flow... Honest Yoga Mat on a wooden floor

September 2018: Honest Yoga Mat

Our Honest Yoga Mat is without a doubt the product we are most proud of. Made from 100% organic cotton, with a natural rubber weave on the base, each is handwoven over 8-10 days, without the use of chemicals at any stage. Furthermore, the entire process is solar powered and uses only rain harvested water.

The handwoven mat is designed to improve your practice by enabling a healthy breathing experience. Instead of breathing in chemicals that all rubber mats are treated with, you’ll be breathing in the benefits of the Ayurvedic herbs used to dye the mat. These locally grown herbs impart antiseptic, cleansing and calming properties into the fabric.

Considering the special skill and inherited knowledge involved in the making of this mat, each is a representation of artistry to the highest degree. When you decide to go honest, you support an age old technology, a local community, yourself and the world...



Man standing in industrial are wearing a So We Flow... T-shirt

October 2018: The OM Yoga Show London

This was our second time at the show and the response was beyond belief. Being a primarily online brand (at the time of writing), it's a wonderful experience to allow our customers to touch the garments and see the quality and construction of our clothing first hand. We're set to be at both the Manchester and London locations of the show this year so be sure to come along and say hello. 



So We Flow... Twill Longs in Olive on a wooden floor with crotch panel

November 2018: Twill Longs - Version 2

Our Twill Longs have swiftly established themselves as our flagship product. But as with everything, things can always be improved. Our second version, released in Olive, implemented an improved crotch panel, further reinforced stitching, coin pocket and a handful of measurement adjustments here and there. Expect more colourways to be released this year.



 Yoga teacher teaching student how to do a handstand

December 2018: Hands as Feet: Yoga Hand Balance Masterclass with Matt Gill 

Yoga people want to arm balance. It's a fact. But doing and wanting are two very different things. To address this concerning first-world issue, we held our first arm balancing workshop with Matt Gill - a man who knows how to spend time upside down. The class was a success and has paved the way for many more this year. Keep your eyes peeled for our jump through workshop!



Have an awesome 2019 from So We Flow...
Thanks for supporting us 
As always, take it easy

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