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20 Yoga Gifts for Men (and Women) of the UK

20 Yoga Gifts for Men (and Women) of the UK

In a World of domineering consumerism and overconsumption, we should be buying less of better things that last longer. This couldn't ring more true during the numerous gift giving periods we encounter throughout the year. Fortunately, yoga and wellness are gifts that keep on giving. We've put together a list of our favourite yoga gifts for him (and her) that will hopefully inspire, encourage and preserve a robust and enduring relationship with yoga, movement and wellness (plus a little fun for good measure).


1. Our 100% sustainable, 100% natural, handwoven Honest Yoga Mat Out of stock! 

so we flow... Honest Yoga Mat in Lichen rolled up and stood on end

2. A massage to soothe those aching muscle at Masaj 

Massage room at Masaj with plant and bedImage © 2018, Masaj

3. A pair of Twill Longs for freedom of movement whenever, wherever

so we flow... Twill Longs in Olive close up of crotch panelling

4. David Swenson's - Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual - the bible of Ashtanga Yoga

David Swenson in Warrior Two Pose on a wall
Image © 2018, Ashtanga Yoga Productions

5. A weekly box of organic veg from Riverford (other vegetable delivery services are available)

Riverford organic vegetable box on a wooden floorImage © 2018, Riverford

6. 15% off your order with our Men's Yoga Starter Kit 

Man wearing So We Flow Men's Yoga Starter Kit

7. Green toy army men doing yoga - need we say more? ($5 with DECEMBER)

Yoga Joes army men doing yoga in the desertImage © 2018, Yoga Joes

8. A workshop with an awesome teacher at a popular studio chain

Matt Gill teaching Richard Melkonian how to handstand

9. A set of our Rock & Roll On essential oils to enhance your practice

so we flow... Rock & Roll On Essential Oil Set on a stool

10. A 7 day juice cleanse from CPRESS - because are you even a Yogi if you don't juice? (20% off with SOWEFLOW20)

Cpress selection of 7 juices

Image © 2018, Cpress

12. A pair of organic cotton Easy Shorts for an unhindered yoga practice

Man wearing So We Flow Easy Shorts

15. A delicious brunch at Mae + Harvey whose waffles are the tits

Mae + Harvey brunch plates

16. An organic cotton t-shirt for a guy that practices yoga or meditation

So We Flow Consciousness men's yoga t-shirt

17. A case of radical kombucha expertly brewed by our friends at Fix8

Fix8 range of bottled kombucha

18. Completely natural, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free and zero waste soap (and other cosmetics) by Primal Suds (15% off with SOWEFLOW)

Primal Suds handmade, natural soap

19.  Organic CBD Coconut Oil from Raised Spirit - overflowing with incredible benefits

Raised Spirit Organic CBD Coconut Oil

20. Our remarkably comfortable organic cotton Jersey Longs

so we flow... Jersey Longs Men's Yoga Pants in Sand, Olive and Grit on a wooden floor

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