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Philosophy on Courage for Men Who Move from Osho

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Move Through Wisdom Part 2 - Osho - Courage

'You can not be truthful if you are not courageous.
You can not be loving if you are not courageous.
You can not be trusting if you are not courageous.
You can not enquire into reality if you are not courageous.
Hence, courage comes first
and everything else follows.’

Osho – Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously


For Indian spiritual guru, Osho, courage is a big deal.

As far as this mystic’s concerned, if you aren’t courageous, you’re not just a coward.

It’s worse than that.

Far worse.

You’re dead.

So, you might as well go and get measured up for that wooden suit now, hey?

Now, he’s a bit of a drama queen. And he’s not without controversy. If you check out the Netflix documentary, ‘Wild Wild Country’ you’ll see what we mean. Digesting that, it’s clear that this guy got somewhat lost along the way. It’s allowed.

And whilst he comes out with some pearlers for the adventurer, he’s also creating a doctrine for divorce. As with any philosophy, we recommending you tread consciously and beware the perils of confirmation bias.  

But if you’re plucking up the courage for a big change, Osho won’t let you down.

Here are Osho’s big seven to avoid a coward’s death.



Courage is from the Latin root ‘cor’, meaning heart, so courage for Osho is the way of the heart. And whilst he says the head is a calculating businessman, his heart is a non-calculating gambler. ‘Mind is nothing but the accumulated past, the memory’ he says, ‘heart is the future; heart is always the hope,’ and, ‘Risk is the only guarantee of being truly alive.’


When the new knocks, answer

‘It may be the friend, it may be the enemy,’ he says, and, ‘who knows?’ When your whole past pattern might be disturbed by the possibility of a new adventure, will you allow it to enter? The old is familiar, but has it given you what you seek? ‘The only way to know is to allow it.’


Drop certainty

‘When you say that you’re certain, you decide your death,’ Osho claims. Have you given up the willingness to be taught and to learn? Life is uncertain – its very nature is uncertain and Osho argues that a readiness to live in this uncertainty is courage itself. Don’t go to Osho’s philosophy seeking security, the only certainty you’ll find is the certainty of change.


Question religion

Always a hot topic. Osho’s not big on religion and he doesn’t hold back, ‘The religion is false,’ he asserts, ‘They have been taught to believe, they have not been taught to know – that’s where humanity has missed.’ For Osho, religion is an opt-in security and intellectual imprisonment, and in fact, ‘the strangest business of all.’


Reject the politics of numbers

Popularity contests mean diddly-squat to Osho. To be an individual is the greatest courage. ‘Vast numbers make people feel like they must be right,’ he says, but, ‘It does not matter if the whole world is against me. What matters is that my experience is valid.’ Well, this tactic seemed to work well for Aristotle and his round Earth.


Accept fear

‘Accept it totally,’ he says, then, ‘trembling stops immediately, and fear…uncoils and becomes freedom.’ Have you experienced this? It’s truly liberating. The moment you can look back and realise that you now find great enjoyment where once was fear. If you’re scared and that’s always the way it will be, what use is that?



Enter Osho’s, ‘dimension of the miraculous.’ Meditate, dance, sing and go deeper into yourself. Meditate on your fear and invite it in. Take courage to be silent and alone. Discover your inner sense. Meditation brings you face to face with reality – and this is real courage.

So gamble. Allow the new. Forget what you think you know. Question everything and everyone. Look your fear in the eye and meditate on the way through to a new, more courageous you.

Enjoy with consciousness, brothers.


Move Through Wisdom

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