Isolation 5km Challenge: Indoor Running During Coronavirus

So We Flow... Indoor Running During Coronavirus - Isolation 5km Challenge

So We Flow... Indoor Running During Coronavirus - Isolation 5km Challenge

Why Indoor Running?

Hello friends, how's isolation treating you? By now you may be feeling a little stagnant in your movement practice - please no more pull-ups on the doorframe, please no more yoga in the inadequate floor space of the bedroom, please no more 'walk left' or 'walk right' for your daily quota of outdoor exercise... Does this sound familiar? It's made us acutely aware of how precious the personal, focused time in the park, the gym or the studio was. The old proverb, "you never miss the water till the well runs dry" springs to mind. So we've been thinking of ways to keep things interesting for those that have drained the resources in their home and are on the lookout for a new source of stimulation.

Enter the So We Flow... Isolation 5km Challenge. Running doesn't feature big within the So We Flow... community, but we set up an impromptu 5km in our home and hell, it was remarkably good fun. Get moving, get fit, piss off your family and see your home from a whole new perspective - what's not to like?

Running indoors within your home is far from ideal. Unless you live in a huge space, you will struggle to generate any speed, you will have to turn on the spot, there will be obstacles (high and low) and your partner will think you've lost it. In spite of that, if you run a 5k, you run a 5k - it doesn't matter where you are. That's 20, 30, 40 minutes of solid movement which, within the home, requires an impressive chunk of agility and delicate footwork reminiscent of a prancing ballerina.  

How to Set Your 5km Running Course

1. Measure the length of your foot using a ruler or tape measure in centimetres.

2. Proceed to walk a route around your home, heel to toe, heel to toe, counting the steps as you go. Choose any route you wish, even repeat areas - there are no rules - but it is fundamental you remember the route as this represents one 'lap' and ensures you complete the correct distance.

3. Multiply the number of steps by the length of your foot in cm.

5. Divide 500000cm (5km) by your answer from step 3. 

6. This is the number of laps you need to run to complete your 5km. 

7. Set your timer, run your 5km and share on Instagram tagging @soweflow and #isolation5km!

8. We'll add a leaderboard below once we get some entries - the fastest time will win a £30 So We Flow... gift card. We'll announce the winner on 1st June 2020.

Check out our founder, Jake, and his first indoor 5km here!

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