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Miles Mortensen meditating wearing So We Flow...

Miles Mortensen doing an arm balance wearing So We Flow...

Meet Miles - the latest member of the So We Flow... family. Miles has an incredibly beautiful and powerful practice, rooted in Rocket Yoga, which is intertwined with his continuous journey of self-inquiry and introspection. Miles teaches all across London and beyond.


Miles Mortensen; Yoga Teacher, Hand Balancer & Movement Researcher

Instagram: @thespacebetweenthethoughts

What does your perfect morning look like?

Wake up and watch the sunrise, cold shower, meditation, journal, swim, breakfast.

Tell us about when and how you got into movement.

I spent my years surfing growing up in Australia, so movement played a part to some degree, yet it wasn't necessarily something I would have considered a discipline of mine until my early-mid twenties. I actually began doing home workouts and experimenting with yoga due to body image and mental health issues. That's when yoga really started to take a grip and became a love and full time practice.

Miles Mortensen doing an scorpion pose wearing So We Flow...

What style of movement do you practice most nowadays and what keeps you coming back for more?

My main practice is Rocket Yoga. The reason being that Yoga for me as a practice is a complete package. There aren't many other physical practices that incorporate meditation, self-inquiry and philosophical questioning that yoga does. Yoga starts for many of us as a physical practice, and the more we dive into it, the more we discover it as a way to be and live our daily lives. That's the best part, seeing the effects off the mat, both as a teacher and a student - that's what always brings me back.

If you could only train or practice for 2 hours per week, how would you spend it?

One hour yoga, one hour hand balancing.

Miles Mortensen doing an inverted backbend wearing So We Flow...

What is your primary goal in your practice at present?

My primary goal at the moment is actually more internal than physical. I'm working to understand more philosophy and teachings of yoga, reading its texts and spending more time in places of inquiry and contemplation in order to break down my barriers. 

What's your all time favourite movement, pose or technique?

A tough one - probably a scorpion handstand. They just look mental!

What makes a great teacher (of any discipline)?

Humility, to remain open minded and the ability to continue to be a student.

In the last five years, what habit, belief or behaviour has most improved your life?

Roughly five years ago I started working with someone, a kind of guide if you will, that help me navigate a path of self-inquiry. Helping to understand, become aware of and simply 'be with' emotions and behavioural patterns, amongst other things. This, combined with my yoga practice, has been one of the best things to help break down, build up and understand who I am. Because of this, I am coming into my true nature.

Miles Mortensen doing an arm balance in a forest wearing So We Flow...

What are one to three books or films that have greatly influenced your life?

A.H. Almaas - Diamond Heart (series)

Thich Naht Haha - The Art of Living

If you could be any animal in the World, what would you choose and why?

A seal. They are simply awesome animals, life in the sea... Sliding around. Otherwise, a leopard.

Miles Mortensen doing an one legged side plank wearing So We Flow...

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

Peanut butter. It's actually more a severe addiction at this point.

When you feel stressed or unfocused, what do you do to resolve it? 

Walk and be aware of my steps and breath.

Miles Mortensen doing an arm balance wearing So We Flow... Easy Shorts

What advice would you give someone who is about to embark on a movement and wellness journey? What advice should they choose to ignore?

Enjoy, explore and play as much as you can. Gather as much information from as many teachers and disciplines as possible, but also teach yourself. You are your own best teacher. Develop a self-practice and be disciplined in it. Question everything.

If you could share one message to every single person on the planet, what would you say and why?

You are your own creator.


Catch Miles on Instagram @thespacebetweenthethoughts or his website,


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