Our twill longs vs. the Rocket yoga series

so we flow... Julio doing yoga outside in our twill longs

'Can I do yoga in these?'

This is usually the first question that we hear when it comes to our twill longs. People are surprised to see yoga pants made from a woven material - with belt loops, button fly and all the rest. The truth of the matter is, we designed our twill longs not specifically for yoga, but as part of the grander vision for so we flow... - clothing made for movement, but also for everyday life. This means our twill longs are popular amongst yogis (particularly teachers), climbers, calisthenics athletes, surfers but, primarily those who are generally active in their day-to-day life.

So, in answer to the question, 'yes, they would be perfect for a gentler practice, but we probably wouldn't recommend them for a rigorous Rocket class!'

That was how we used to answer... Until now. We decided to put our twills through the ultimate yogic test - the Rocket Primary Series. They not only made it through unharmed, but Julio (our enthusiast guinea pig) now uses them for his regular home practice as well as to teach his weekly classes. 

If you don't believe us, check out the video below...

Our twill longs are available in three colour ways: 

Twill longs, stone




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