Parkour London! The E14 Chainstore Massacre

London Chainstore Massacre artwork

Parkour London

Free Running Just Got Deadly

‘There are no limits, only obstacles, and any obstacle can be overcome.’
David Belle

Parkour in London is alive and jumping.

Top of the list for community-driven movement is Parkour Generations London.

The House of Movement.

Parkour, bodywork, strength and conditioning, acrobatics and mobility. It’s all here. And come 27th October, the guys and girls in E14 host an awesome annual event. Hone your movement and advance your parkour at the throwdown of throwdowns.

The London Chainstore Massacre.

Will you survive?

 The London Chainsaw Massacre


It’s a survival event where you start with three lives. Like killer. When your lives are gone, you’re out. Dead. Survive everything and you’re the parkour hero.


Try intense physical and mental challenges put together by their coaches. Jump, leap, twist and spin. Stay aware, know yourself and try to stay alive.


It’s open to everyone over 16. Stay in the game until, well, you die. Focus is on fun and, thought it’ll likely get serious towards the latter rounds, the vast majority are there to grow and meet people.


Fitness enthusiasts, obstacle course racers, parkour practitioners, lifters and athletes of all shapes and sizes. Complete beginners, intermediates and advanced individuals will all be challenged and pushed to their limits. 

BE A 75-er

Strictly 75 places are available. Once they’re gone they’re gone. So grab yours now while there’s still time.


From strength to agility to endurance to power to a combination of everything. Survive and know you’ve achieved something very special.


Get freaky at the Chainstore Gym Halloween Party on the very same day. Relax, unwind and share tales of death and heroism by movement. 

Man doing a pullup 

‘Parkour is you, stripped down and exposed to challenges, tasks and, often, your own fears and failings. But it also provides you with the tools and means by which to meet and overcome these things. Parkour training brings about a deep sense of self-knowledge, as you learn who you really are and what you are really capable of – not merely what you may be capable of. There can be no self-deception in parkour, no delusions of grandeur or false bravado. Either you can do the task or you cannot – and this honesty is what makes parkour such an incredible tool for gaining true self-knowledge, and then for progressing from there.’
Parkour Generations


Check out

th October 2019
Advance your parkour to death
Parkour Generations
Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy
London E14

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