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Product feature | Long... Not so long... Shorter still...

We can - and will - bore you with the small design details that stacked together make our jersey longs the heartbeat of any gentleman's yogi wear. But the only place to start when talking about them is the 3 ways we've seen them worn during practice (and there may be more waiting to be discovered...)

 Jersey longs illustration full length
There's full length, with the soft cotton gently caressing your ankles and heels. A comfortable fit with great freedom of movement...
Or rolled up just around or above the ankle for what many would argue is an even greater sense of freedom of movement... Jersey longs illustration rolled up below the ankle
Jersey longs illustration rolled up just below the knee
Then there's rolled as above then the legs pulled up to gather just below the knee where they hold remarkably snugly yet achieve a similar sense of freedom...


Now's the bit where we bore you with all the stuff that makes our jersey longs the heartbeat of any gentleman's yogi wear - however you choose to wear them (but we'll do it in bullet points to make reading easier...)

    • Cut from a soft, supple organic cotton mix
    • Reinforced non-abrasive, tested seams
    • Gently elasticated waist, with drawstring
    • Deep, unobtrusive pockets
    • Understated with subtle taper to plain hem
    • 3 natural tones - olivesand and grit.

All of which is fantastic news on and off your yoga mat and makes a comfy, chilled out change from your old gym sweats, cut offs and bohemian baggies (we've kept all our old gear but somehow never find the right time to wear it anymore...)

so we flow... jersey longs in olive

so we flow... jersey longs in grit, sand and olive 

so we flow... jersey longs in grit


Team with our jersey vest and get moving.

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