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Translation from Sanskrit - to immerse in one’s own divinity.

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Dive Into Yogic Practices and Yogic Study

For yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and brothers who want to go deeper, there’s a new breed of yoga retreat. Find your way to Bali in March 2019 to join a world-class yoga faculty. Author of The Recognition Sutras and Tantra Illuminated, Christopher Wallis headlines the philosophy while senior yoga teachers Collette Davis and Margherita Dal Praguide you through 12 days of practice and sweet expansion. But what’s it all about? And is there an extra special something for the So We Flow... fraternity? Of course there is. Read on.

Samāveśa – Divine Yoga Immersions

Samāveśa promises an extended yoga retreat, yoga practice, yogic study, and an invitation to travel further along your yogic path. And what’s more - as a So We Flow... customer - you’ll save a useful £100 when you book your spot. Which is great, because you’ll have a few extra quid to kit yourself out in our online shop. Check out the article below to find out how you can enjoy the yogic journey of a lifetime and claim your discount as a So We Flow... Bro. Namaste.

‘Samāveśa is really a deepening of knowledge and practice – it has all the benefits of a yoga retreat with the juice of focused study but with none of the pressures or goals of a teacher training. It’s for yoga teachers and yoga students who are hungry for more insight, more practice and more inspiration. For the pure love of yoga and the tradition.’

Collette Davis

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Yoga and Meditation Rooted in Integrity

Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis is one of the world’s leading Tantrik scholar-practitioners. Introduced to Indian spirituality at the age of seven - and initiated to the practice of yogic meditation at sixteen - Christopher has been studying full-time for nineteen years. Beyond his popular books, Christopher’s Ph.D, B.A. and M.A. add mountains of credibility to his already crazily rich CV. Check out his Youtube page, media and podcasts to see what he’s dedicated his life to understanding - so that you can too. He’s a genuinely lovely fella and he’s in Bali to share his knowledge during this unique yogic offering. Tell us more.

OK, but let’s get Christopher Wallis to tell us more about what Samāveśa means...

‘Samāveśa…the experience of oneness with the Absolute, or more accurately, the experience of being totally immersed in Divinity…what greater act of reverence is there than to merge oneself with the object of one’s devotion? What greater act of humility than to dissolve one’s sense of separateness? What greater obeisance than acknowledging that only the Divine truly exists? Such obeisance is in truth nothing but the release of all that holds you back from falling onto the very Heart of your essence-nature.’

Christopher Wallis
Tantric Scholar and Guest-Teacher at

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Practice Yoga in Magical Bali

Set in the spiritual heart of Indonesia’s mega-tropical wonder-island, this 100-hour yoga immersion is for anyone interested in self-recognition. Sixteen residential and ten non-residential spaces invite you to sleep, spa, dine, practice yoga asana, meditation, kriya, pranayama, subtle body practices and mantra in palm-fronged paradise.

Each day begins with an hour-long sadhana followed by two hours of dynamic asana. There’ll be a long brunch and chance to laze by the pool before the study modules. Here you’ll dive into Ayurveda, yogic lifestyle, classical Tantrik philosophy, breathwork, anatomy and self-care. There will be asana labs to get clear on alignment, followed by dinner at the organic on-site café before a long restorative or yin practice and an early night. Ready to do it all again the next day.

Book your space through the Samāveśa websiteand check out our interesting blog on Bali here.

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An Incredible Yoga Shala

The venue is ridiculous. Nestled in the rice paddies, The Shala Bali is one of Bali’s most beautiful yoga spaces - and that’s really saying something. It’s a picturesque and remote hideaway, just close enough to Ubud. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and abundant nature from your typically crafted Balinese bungalow. Yep, that’s what we said, typically crafted Balinese bungalow. It’s got it all going on. You seriously haven’t experienced hospitality until you’ve experienced Balinese hospitality. Check out the accommodation for Samāveśa here. Mindblowing.

Save £100 as a So We Flow... Bro

Sold? Go to to book, and when you’re completing your application you’ll see a ‘redeem voucher’ button. Press it, and use the promotion code, SOWEFLOW.

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Brazen So We Flow... Advocacy

So, we’ll see you all in Bali shall then. And p.s. don’t forget to pack your Mysore Room 1 T-Shirts, and Jersey Shorts.

Oh and P.P.S. please share your amazing So We Flow... clad yoga pictures from The Island Of The Gods on Instagram with the hashtag #soweflow.

Cheers men of yoga.

…and as they say in Indonesia, selamat tinggal – or - goodbye.

Thank you for reading.


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