Sore Muscles? 7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage Cover

We Have to Admit - We Can't Get Enough!

‘I started practicing yoga. I started practicing some hands-on healing stuff. And I found really good chiropractors and really good massage therapists. What I’ve found is I’ve been able to actually peel off layers of trauma on my body, and actually move better than I did.’
Ricky Williams

Movement and touch are two of our favourite things EVER here at So We Flow...

Yep. We absolutely love it. 

There’s nothing better than an hour in the healing hands of a truly present, massage therapist to relax, unwind, heal, transform or unblock stagnant energy. Make massage part of your self-care regime - we do.

One of our styles of choice is Thai yoga massage.

Have you tried it?

If not, why not take it for a spin?

You never know the benefits of something until you’ve given it a good old whirl.

So read on, gentlemen of the Flow.

Thai Yoga Massage - 7 Reasons to Try It

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage

Tell Me More

Ancient and therapeutic, Thai yoga massage is soft-tissue manipulation combined with assisted yoga poses. Lie back, close your eyes and be guided carefully - and with expert rhythm - into healing meditation and asana. Delicious.

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - Feet

Get On The Floor

No table needed. There’s something ultra-relaxing about being literally grounded, and some of the deep leg and glute stretches require terra firma. Get ready to relax in a deep, deep, deep way. Yes.


7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - clothes

Stay Fully Clothed

Keep your threads on. Unlike other forms of massage where you might have to brave some skin, Thai yoga massage negates any of that potential stranger danger. Keep your So We Flow Twill Longs on. In fact, they’re stretchy-perfect.

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - Meditation

Massage As Meditation

Breathe and connect with the therapist. Good TYM practitioners guide your breath, and they synch with your flow. Breathing is cleansing and becomes trance-like. If you’re anything like us, a few gropes of the calf and it’s major zzz’s time. Night night.

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - Heart

Receive From The Heart

Ahimsa-tastic. Feel the generosity of another kind human. TYM is all about non-violence, respect and giving from the heart. More than pressure on your vessel, you’ll be reminded of the good in all people. You know it.

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - Movement

A Movement Fix

Beyond tissue manipulation, Thai yoga massage gets deep into your major man-bits. Glutes, thighs, hamstrings and the hard-to-access psoas muscles get the full works. Reap the deeper benefits of solid floor, core work in your mega-relaxed state.

7 Reasons to Try Thai Yoga Massage - Chakra

Shift Your Energy

Work your lines. Nadis – channels for cosmic energy – carry life force energy, or prana. Following these nadis and encouraging the flow of energy, you’ll come out of the other side of TYM a new man. We don’t make the science, guys. Just try it for yourselves.

Go get your nadis bossed back into free-flow. Don your Twill Longs and head for a Thai yoga massage today to experience the pure joy of connection, body, movement and peace-of-mind.

Thanks for reading, men of the flow.

Let us now how you feel after yours.

See you at the spa.

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