Top Tips for Yoga Beginners | The Essentials For Your First Yoga Class

so we flow... Top tips for yoga beginners infographic

What should I wear?


For stability, balance, foot strength and connection to the earth.


Loose fitting, comfortable top, shorts, or pants for unhindered movement.

What do I need?


Most studios provide mats, but you will eventually want to invest in your own. Good job we have a great one here...


Not necessary, but endlessly helpful - blocks, blankets and straps are but a few.


If you sweat a load, having a towel handy is a must to prevent slipping.

How should I prepare?


Yoga is best performed on an empty stomach or following a light snack - moving and folding simply don't get along with a gut full of food!

Limbering up

Just relax and allow your mind to calm. Lie back, sit crossed legged or do some simple stretches. Classes will often begin by loosening up the body.

What do I do?


The most important thing in yoga is the breath. It will allow you to relax, move freely, push yourself further and attain a harmonious state.

Listen and look

The best way to learn the poses is to carefully listen to the instruction and observe your teacher. Feel free to take a look at the other students.

Be positive

Don't compare yourself with others in the class and feel downhearted. Enjoy the process - relish falling out of balances and laugh at your inflexibility.

Forget the ego

There's no winner in yoga and there will always be someone 'better' than you. Being competitive is more likely to get you hurt than to get you praise.

Ask questions

If you don't understand something, just ask. Yoga culture is incredibly benevolent - both teacher and student alike will be happy to help.

Trust yourself

Yoga is an individual journey and exploration of the self. Over time, you will be able to discern the subtleties of how you feel, move and act on the mat.


That's all for now folks - happy practicing!