Yoga for Legs: 7 Poses for Strong Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings

Yoga for Legs: 7 Poses for Strong Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings Artwork

Build Leg Strength with Yoga

Yoga Poses for Glutes, Thighs, Hamstrings, Calves and Ankles

Yogis! Don’t forget leg day.

Yes, it’s great to be strong up top. You get to wear tight t-shirts and feel a little more confident and trim. However, nothing gives you a better sense of real integrity in your body than a strong foundation. That's why we're here to urge you to take yoga for legs seriously.

But it’s hard work, gents.

Building strength in those great big quads and glutes doesn’t come for free, and nothing burns quite so deep as a thigh under duress. So if you want a body integrity card, you’re gonna have to put the graft in. But how else are you gonna look butt-perfect in our Solace Yoga Pants? Yep, we did it.

Here are So We Flow...’s favourites for a firmer subjacent section.

And before we start, just a few tips to optimise your yoga practice:

  • Get barefoot
  • Feel all four corners of your feet on the earth
  • Spread your toes
  • Activate your feet
  • Connect
  • Breathe

Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at these leg strengthening asanas.

Yoga for Legs: 7 Poses for Strong Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings

Warrior I Pose - Virabhadrasana I

Man doing Warrior I pose wearing So We Flow...

Spiritual warriors! Bravely battle self-ignorance with this thigh, calf and ankle classic. Reside in your edge for 30 seconds to a minute and get really deep into that thigh. Lovely.

Warrior II Pose - Virabhadrasana II

Man doing Warrior II pose wearing So We Flow...

Can a man ever be more majestic, than whilst executing a perfect Warrior 2? The simple fact is, no. Build it where it counts, expand that chest, and build stamina and focus. Yes.

Chair Pose - Utkatasana

Man doing Chair pose wearing So We Flow...

Is it just us, or is Chair Pose THE ultimate killer? When the teacher says, ‘chair’ in class, can we take what’s been said and respond with grace and positivity? This is our challenge, men of yoga.

Extended Side Angle

Man doing Extended Side Angle pose wearing So We Flow...

Not content with building your leg meat, this beautiful and all-encompassing pose works magic for hip and shoulder flexibility. It also sends love into those forgotten intercostals. Oof.

Side Lunge Pose - Skandasana

Man doing Side Lunge pose wearing So We Flow...

You can imagine that Shredder’s Foot Clan in the 1990 Turtles movie, warmed up pre-take using Skandasana. Feel an awesome hamstring stretch and support your movements with your arms to control the depth. Simply delicious.

Standing Pigeon Pose - Tada Kapotasana

Man doing Standing Pigeon pose wearing So We Flow...

Feet, ankles, knees, butt, hips and groin: this pose turns the lot to fire and rock. Standing on one bent leg is tough enough, but with the requirement for balance too, it becomes a combination of strength, focus and endurance. Top stuff.

Goddess Pose - Utkata Konasana

Man doing Goddess pose wearing So We Flow...

Open the hips and chest whilst strengthening and toning the lower body. This cheeky little number also stimulates your urogenital system, so get ready for things to wake up down there, goddesses.


After a good bout of leg strengthening yoga poses, Hero Pose and Pigeon Pose can really help to release the thighs, so you don’t walk into work the next day like John Wayne.

Try out these leg strengtheners and let us know how you get on. We love hearing from our brothers in flow.

And if there are poses you’d like us to immortalise for eternity here in the SWF journal, then don’t hesitate. Let us know.

Maybe you’d like some recommendations for poses to improve sex drive?

What about some poses for focus?

Or asana for sciatica?

Drop us a wish mail, and we’ll see what magic we can muster.

Thanks for reading.

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