Yoga Mixtape No.1

so we flow... Yoga mixtape - 07/17 - Lift off - album art

so we flow... Yoga mixtape - 07/17 - Lift off - album art

Every month or so we'll be curating a playlist of our favourite songs to accompany your yoga practice. Expect the unexpected - we want to illustrate the diversity of music which works when you are on the mat. As our first coincides with our launch, we've put together just under an hour's worth of downtempo grooves to get you flowing.

1. Folds - Feverkin & Koresma

2. If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix) - Fever Ray

3. Familiar Ground (feat. Fontella Bass) - The Cinematic Orchestra

4. Siren - Emancipator

5. 100 Billion Stars - Lux

6. Anything You Synthesise - The American Dollar

7. Leos - Dune

8. Moon - Little People

9. Fly Me to the Moon - Groove Armada

10. Lost in Translation - Nitsua

11. Shot In the Back of the Head - Moby

12. Blank Pages - The Album Lead

13. Cycling Trivialities - Jose Gonzalez 

Play below from Apple Music (for superior quality) or YouTube.




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