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Yoga Mixtape No.2

so we flow... Yoga mixtape - 08/17 - Nothing to do but... - album art

Roll and groove to these mellow rock tunes. Music for a carefree practice with a dash of attitude. Nonchalance guaranteed.

1. Love Burns - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2. Anenome - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

3. Journeyman - The Lovetones

4. Smoking Gun - Lady Of The Sunshine

5. Alone - The Morning After Girls

6. Gates of Broadway - Tess Parks

7. Styggo - The Dandy Warhols

8. Love In a Trashcan - The Raveonettes

9. KV Crimes - Kurt Vile

10. Death By Diamonds and Pearls - Band of Skulls

11. Autumn Shade II - The Vines

12. Marinade - DOPE LEMON

13. Into Dust - Mazzy Star


Play below from Apple Music (for superior quality) or YouTube.


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