Yogapedia: 10 Types of Yoga & Their Benefits

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Yoga is yoga, right? 

It gives us a chance to get in touch with our body and mind.

Of course, this is right to a degree.

But people are different. 

And so is yoga!

We all receive and express in unique ways, so one style of yoga will appeal to one, and another style to another. Some of us prefer a strong physical practice, some of us use yoga as a supplement to sport. Some meditate. Some luxuriate. Some strive.

At So We Flow..., we’ve picked 10 different styles of yoga and given you a short introduction by way of our Yogapedia. We guess our point is this: there is a style that suits everybody.

If you’ve tried a yoga class and it wasn’t quite up your street, try another style or another teacher. If you love your practice but have always been quite narrow, why not try something new?

The world is our oyster, gentlemen.

Here’s a So We Flow... Yogapedia intro for 10 different styles of yoga and their benefits to suit the uniqueness in all of us.

Yogapedia: 10 Types of Yoga & Their Benefits

So We Flow... Yogapedia Vinyasa Text

Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic & Fluid

It seems that every studio has a Vinyasa Yoga class listed on their schedule. Like most Sanskrit terms, the word vinyasa has many meanings, but a common translation is ‘to place in a special way.’ Usually, a class involves moving with intention and on-the-breath. A Vinyasa Yoga Class might also be called a, ‘Flow Class’ and you’d expect lots of fluid transitions.

Expect numerous vinyasa, creative pose sequences and lots of play.

Intensity: Low □□□□□□■■■ High

Format:  Variable ■■■□□□□□□□ Precise

Pace: Static □□□□□□□■■■ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Hatha Text

Hatha Yoga

Universal & Steady

An ancient science, ‘Ha’ means sun, and ‘tha’ means moon. Like the different energies of day and night, Hatha Yoga balances the different energies in our body. Together, through Hatha, we strive to bring our active and calming energy into harmony. Hatha can be a great antidote to the often hectic and heady aspects of our modern western lifestyles. 

Expect classic poses, versatile classes and a balanced pace.

Intensity: Low □□□■■■□□□□ High

Format:  Variable ■■■□□□□□□ Precise

Pace: Static □□□■■■□□□□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Yin Text

Yin Yoga

Slow & Deep

Yin connects the meridians of ancient Chinese medicine with India’s yoga asanas. It’s not a beginner form of yoga, but it can be more accessible, because many of the postures are closer to the ground, and there’s not as much physical demand. Vinyasa Flow classes or Ashtanga we think of as Yang, Yin takes a gentler approach to strengthening and lengthening.

Expect passive yet deep poses, long holds and use of props to support your practice.

Intensity: Low □□□■■■□□□□ High

Format:  Variable □□■■■□□□□□ Precise

Pace: Static ■■■□□□□□□□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Ashtanga Text

Ashtanga Yoga

Intense & Orderly

The Ashtanga method means you rock the same sequence every time, and this has real benefits. Your practice becomes an unfolding process of mastery. Why can’t you achieve a certain pose, and what do you need to change to nail it? Repetition also gives you great personal insight into your health, and what affects your practice such as diet or sleep.

Expect a physically demanding practice, powerful breath and bountiful rewards.

Intensity: Low □□□□□□□■■■ High

Format:  Variable □□□□□□□■■■ Precise

Pace: Static □□□□□□■■■□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Mysore Text

Ashtanga Mysore Yoga

Personal & Vigorous 

Ashtanga Mysore means you can explore Ashtanga Yoga on your own terms. Ashtanga Yoga can feel like a very rigid style of yoga, but in Mysore style, you learn gradually and have the chance to meet it where you’re at. You have a very specific practice in Mysore that’s yours, and you don’t follow the room. It’s a great way to learn a handy self-practice to take away.

Expect a practice which evolves over time, persistent challenges and endless opportunities for self-reflection.

Intensity: Low □□□□□□□■■■ High

Format:  Variable □□□□□□■■■ Precise

Pace: Static □□□□□□■■■□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Rocket Text

Rocket Yoga

Energetic & Flexible

Rocket yoga was designed in the 80s by Larry Schultz, a long-time student of Ashtanga master K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga is strict and requires dedication and discipline to progress from pose to pose and series to series. Larry broke down the rigidity of the Ashtanga system - allowing modifications and blending poses from the different series to create an accessible and smooth practice.

Expect strong poses, dynamic transitions and numerous opportunities for play.

Intensity: Low □□□□□□□■■■ High

Format: Variable □□□□■■■□□□ Precise

Pace: Static □□□□□□■■■□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Restorative Text

Restorative Yoga

Calm & Restful

Typically, you’ll perform far fewer poses in a Restorative Yoga class, and you’ll hold the poses for a lot longer. You’ll use tons of yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks that all help you ease into position. Restorative Yoga initiates the relaxation response in your body, and is an excellent way to unwind. If you’re stressed or in recovery, go restorative.

Expect transcendent calm, subtle opening and mental clarity. 

Intensity: Low ■■■□□□□□□□ High

Format:  Variable □□□■■■□□□□ Precise

Pace: Static ■■■□□□□□□□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Hot Text

Hot Yoga

Sweaty & Stimulating

Hot Yoga is HOT! It’s taught in a hot room - typically around 105 degrees and 30-50% humidity - so it’s a steamy environment and you’ll need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Don’t go to Hot Yoga after a night out, because it may well be the last thing you ever do. It’s an assertive, physical practice that leaves you feeling euphoric, and really clears the pipes.

Expect high intensity, profuse sweat and surges of elation. 

Intensity: Low □□□□□□□■■■ High

Format:  Variable □□□□□■■■□□ Precise

Pace: Static □□□□■■■□□□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Iyengar Text

Iyengar Yoga

Meticulous & Focused

Named after it's founder and yoga hall-of-fame legend, B.K.S. Iyengar, Iyengar yoga is all about detail, precision and alignment. Most people recognise it as 'the yoga that use blocks, props and blankets which isn't Yin'. The practice focuses on a handful of poses per class, ensuring stability and order are reached in basic versions of a pose before going deeper.

Expect detailed exploration of each pose, strict alignment cues and prolonged holds.

Intensity: Low □□□■■■□□□□ High

Format:  Variable □□□□□□■■■ Precise

Pace: Static ■■■□□□□□□ Dynamic

So We Flow... Yogapedia Forrest Text

Forrest Yoga

Intense & Introspective

Look away purists - if you're looking for something fresh and challenging, Forrest Yoga might be the thing for you. Forrest Yoga combines traditional asana from India with Native American Indian healing philosophy into a practice which is strong both physically and mentally, yet accessible for those willing to take a leap into the unknown.

Expect themed classes, intense core work, inversions, long holds and emotional release. 

Trademark Postures:

Intensity: Low □□□□□□□■■■ High

Format:  Variable □□□■■■□□□□ Precise

Pace: Static □□■■■□□□□□ Dynamic


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