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Skytrains whizz overhead and taxis on the tarmac are bumper to bumper. It’s thirty-three degrees in the big smoke. Singha’s unload from scuffed trucks for thirsty tourists and meat sizzles on the street grill. Welcome to Bangkok, brothers. So We Flow have flown out to Thailand to check out the hectic cityscapes, the yoga scene, the rice paddies and the tropical beach huts. Someone has to. We scratch hand-written notes into our pad for journaling later…

Thai woman laughing in a car

So We Flow - On The Go

We’ve arrived to the longest and busiest road in all of Bangkok, Sukhomvit Road, for episode one. We’ve packed our Jersey Shorts and Flourish Vests, and in fact, our Forest Twill Longs came in super handy for a couple of agency meets. Perfect travelling companions btw. We’re spreading the word. Takin’ over.


Seeing Sukhomvit

Past the massage parlours on the corner of 13, tucked between an American lager-joint-hooker-hangout and a 7-Eleven, there’s a sanctuary. Climb the steps where a happily-lined lady sits selling quite useless wooden tat and follow the marbled floor inside. Take a dated Mitsubishi lift to the 7th floor to find a carefully cut diamond shining brightly in the rough. Welcome to Yoga Elements - just in time for 10am Intermediate Flow with teacher, Note.

Note a Thai yoga teacher in Bangkok laughing

15 minutes later…

Unintentionally Hot Yoga

Note to self: Thai yogis are light, fit, strong, bendy, good in the heat and their intermediate classes are mightily serious (wipes forehead). Early doors it’s clear that this will be a wet one. Wowsers. Transitions are swift, the competency level is high and the room is tropical. A sopping Soweflow Jersey T-Shirt is a non-too-subtle nod to endeavour. Go Note.

A Yogic Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

He doesn’t demonstrate. He doesn’t need to. His clear and jolly instructions are super. He meanders between the sweat-spattered mats and offers adjustments if he needs. His energy is bright and he’s obviously very experienced, reveling cheekily at times as he takes you to your edge.

Elderly man walking through the streets of Bangkok

Shiny, Happy People

Now, Note is not his real name, it’s his Thai nickname. Other staff members include Dodo, Dee, Fook, Poy, Apple, Just, Jib and Job. Note just seems more in theme than Prakasit, although, Prakasit is a superb name, and it does indeed suit him. It means, the one who brings the light. How apt.

Thai lady smiling out of a bus window in Bangkok

A Varied Yoga Practice

Practicing Ashtanga, Bikram, traditional Hatha and Ayenga, Note has studied anatomy at The James Wong Centre in Malaysia and completed a Yoga TT through Yoga Point in India. Motivated to share the happiness and calming power he’s found through Yoga, he combines Buddhist and Hindu philosophies with a very physical practice. Just look at his face. You can tell something’s working.

Busy street in Bangkok

See For Yourself

When in Bangkok, make sure you check out Yoga Elements on Sukhumvit Road. We’ve taken a number of classes – Ashtanga, Yin and Flow - and the quality of teaching is good. Beyond the Yoga room, Sukhumvit has gone through recent development and it’s a handy place to base.

Reflection of trees in the wing mirror of a bike

Notes From Others

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a few words from other folk about the place. It seems we’re not the only ones who like the place.

‘Yoga Elements is the city’s most inspiring place to study yoga.’
Lonely Planet

‘The most respected studio in town.’

The Bangkok Post

‘#1…one of Bangkok’s most sought after studios.’
Travel and Leisure

Other stuff and things

Yoga Elements
Ashtanga, Flow, Yin and beginners workshops with competent teachers

Yoga With Note
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Intertlux Premier Sukhomvit 13
Competitive apartments with appliances, pool, gym and sauna, - great for holidays or business stays

Storyline Café
Digital nomad eating and working concept

Local Taxi app in BKK. Download it before you go.

New club concept on Sukhomvit 13

Great food by the park

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