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Movement Guides: Calisthenics Programs & Yoga Courses


    Straightforward and Practical PDF Calisthenics Programs and Yoga Courses

    Want to learn how to do a handstand? A front lever? Lotus pose? The Macaco?  If you want to learn advanced calisthenics skills, yoga poses, Capoeira moves or arm balances then look no further than our Movement Guides. Designed with both beginners and experts in mind, all of our training programs include:

    • Movement Introduction

    • Prerequisites & Progressions

    • Movement Breakdown

    • Components to Work On

    • Exercises for Strength, Flexibility & Technique

    • 6 Week Training Program

    • High-Quality Image & Video References For All The Above

    All our Movement Guides are optimised with mobile in mind - meaning you have everything you need to improve your movement practice in the palm of your hand.