Honest Yoga Mat by So We Flow... rolled up
Honest Yoga Mat by So We Flow... rolled up on a wooden floor
Man doing Crow Pose on the So We Flow... Honest Yoga Mat
Honest Yoga Mat by So We Flow... close up

Honest Yoga Mat

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Handwoven, organic cotton yoga mat infused with Ayurvedic herbs.
100% Organic Cotton
Natural Rubber Base
Dyed with Ayurvedic Herbs
Handwoven over 8 days
Solar Powered

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Our Honest Yoga Mat is made from 100% organic cotton with a natural rubber weave on the base. Each is made entirely by hand - using an age-old technique that takes 8-10 days per mat - representing artistry of the highest degree. Dyed with incredible smelling, locally-grown Ayurvedic herbs - these impart antiseptic, cleansing and calming properties into the fabric to enhance your practice. Furthermore, there are absolutely no chemicals used, the entire process is solar-powered and uses only rain harvested water.

When you choose an Honest Yoga Mat you support a traditional skill, a local community, yourself and the environment.

  • Organic cotton with woven natural rubber base
  • Handwoven over 8-10 days
  • Dyed with locally-grown Ayurvedic herbs
  • Cushion:
  • Grip: ◼◻◻ (when sweaty ◼)
  • Eco-Friendly:
  • Weight:
  • Comfort:
  • 183cm x 73cm x 3mm / 6' x 2'6" x 0.1" / 1kg
  • Includes organic cotton carry strap
  • Wash by hand or machine
  • Fairtrade
  • Suitable for vegans

  • Material

    100% organic cotton with woven natural rubber base. Dyed with locally-grown antiseptic herbs.

    Herbal Combinations

    Lichen - Tulsi, Neem, Wild Turmeric, Triphala, Karpooradi Thaimam

    Terracotta - Catechu Wood, Triphala, Aloe Vera, Costus, Balathailam

    Made In

    Kerala, India

    About The Village

    We're friends with Sree, whose cousin and his family make our eco-friendly yoga mats in a small village in Kerala, India, using an age-old hand-weaving technique. Making traditional textiles this way is this community's way of life, and has been so for centuries. Everything that goes into making this mat - the organic cotton, natural rubber and Ayurvedic herbs - are grown locally by the community. The entire process is solar-powered and uses only rain harvested water. Any wastewater is returned to the soil to grow crops. This mat is so much more than the mat itself and what goes into it. It is part of supporting an entire community from farmers to artisans to drivers. Perhaps our most treasured product and relationship.

    Taking proper care of your mat will give it a long and fruitful life.

    Breaking It In

    There's no better way to break in your mat than to use it. The surface of all yoga mats require a little rough and tumble before they develop their grip - which over time wears uniquely to you. Organic cotton is no different in that respect - use your mat regularly and see the grip improve day after day.


    The mat is dyed with locally-grown Ayurvedic herbs which not only impart their beneficial properties into the mat but also their wonderful smell. The smell will fade over time - the more you wash it, the faster the process. You will find that due to the antiseptic properties of the herbs, the bacteria that cause sweat to smell will be killed, keeping your mat fresh for longer.

    Wash & Dry

    Hand wash with mild soap and warm water, then hang out to dry in the sunshine or on a drying rack. The mat is machine washable on a gentle cycle, but we recommend hand washing if possible.

    Roll Up

    Always roll up with the bottom on the inside. This ensures your mat lays flat and doesn't curl up when you practice.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Darryl Davenport

    So being over 50 and just starting my Yoga journey, I wanted to buy a mat that was of exceptional quality, natural, hand made, ethically sourced and would hopefully last me the rest of my days. I believe that I have found it. The quality of this mat is amazing and it has quickly become my favourite quiet space to practice Yoga, meditate and sometimes just to lie on and read a book. It is comfortable yet firm underfoot, does not slip at all and the woven ridges give great support in just the right places (it also smells awesome!). My wife raised her eyebrows when I said I wanted to spend £80 on a Yoga mat, now I get the feeling there will be a second one on order soon. It is so refreshing to find a company and products of such quality and values in a market so often filled with cheap, disposable products. Delivery was super quick, communication was excellent and I will be back to buy more from this company who clearly stand by their ethos. Buy with confidence my Friends :-)

    Eban Lewis
    Love this mat

    So soft and comfy to practice on, smells amazing. If practicing on a hard surface like wood or stone I'd recommend placing a normal rubber mat underneath, unless of course you prefer a hard surface to practice on!

    Robert Chapman
    Love the products

    Got two pairs of trousers, the bandana, oils plus the mat now and love the products. I wear the trousers all the time, they are so comfortable

    Romain Bedel

    Honest Yoga Mat

    Ann W
    Honest Yoga Mat

    I love my new yoga mat. It looks good, smells good and feels good. I kept it next to me for the first day as I loved the smell so much! It folds up neat/small for carrying, stays in place once down and doesn't crawl across the floor like some do ... I love the fabric and the feel of it under my feet ... it multitasks as a Pilates mat..... for me it ticks all the boxes.

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