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Master The Press Handstand: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide

Master The Press Handstand: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide

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PDF Press Handstand guide with high-quality videos.
High-Quality Videos
32-Page Guide
11+ Detailed Exercises
6-Week Plan

The press handstand - also known as ‘press to handstand’ or ‘handstand press’ - takes time, sweat, sometimes tears and certainly a huge amount of dedication.  The mystery of mastering an advanced movement such as press handstand can be frustrating and can often lead you down the wrong path. We have spent months and months ensuring this guide will establish a well informed, safe and effective road to press handstand success.

With a strong mindset, the right training structure and a little love - we believe anyone can achieve this movement. How long will it take? No one can tell definitively - it depends on your individual level and the amount of time you invest in your practice. 

You won’t be able to perform a press handstand simply by reading our guide. This is to be used as a source of information and structure - none of which is useful without your absolute dedication. We recommend regularly coming back to the guide as you progress to ensure you understand every component of the movement and how to improve your ability in that area.

Within this guide, we include the most important aspects of training for the press handstand. We will provide you with insights from Theo’s press handstand journey, a breakdown of the movement, exercise explanations, smart practice advice, programming and high-quality images and video to show you how it's done. The PDF is optimised for a mobile experience but can be viewed on any device of your choosing.

  • Press Handstand Introduction

  • Prerequisites & Progressions

  • 5 Checkpoints Explained - Pike, Engage, Float, L-Handstand & Handstand

  • Components - Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Core, Hips & Legs

  • Exercises for Core, Flexibility & Technique

  • 6 Week Training Program

  • High-Quality Image & Video References For All The Above

Our Press Handstand guide is written by So We Flow... Fellow, Theo Necker - an incredible and inspiring mover, thinker and handstand expert. Theo teaches movement in his hometown in Germany. Catch Theo on Instagram: @mindsetoftheo or his website:


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