Pre-Order Projects

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Pre-Order Projects

Pre-order projects are our fresh perspective on crowdfunding. As a small company, it’s difficult to fund all our product ideas. But we know that if we pre-sell a minimum number of products, then we can bring our ideas to life, get a great discount from our suppliers, and pass that onto you.

It’s simple - we bring a new So We Flow… product up to the prototype stage and launch, sometimes at a discounted price. Each crowdfunding project runs until we sell the required number of products to kick off production. Once we’ve reached that number, the project closes, we produce the items and deliver them directly to you.

The quicker we reach our target the quicker we can get started on production. It varies depending on the product but generally takes 60-100 days to produce and deliver. Purchasing this way means you get a great product at a great price - plus you have a say in what products come next and how they are created.

You can still return or exchange if you don’t like the finished product or it doesn’t fit - business as usual. If after 8-12 weeks a project isn’t gaining any traction, we will close it and orders that have been made are cancelled and refunded.