So We Flow... Recycled Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Recycled Organic Cotton T-Shirts for Men


Sustainably & Ethically Produced Recycled Organic Cotton T-Shirts for Men

Our collection of recycled organic cotton t-shirts for men. Sustainable men's clothing shouldn't be a compromise - so we created this range from offcuts of material that would otherwise be thrown away. We decided that the perfect men's yoga t-shirt (or for any training or workout for that matter) didn't need anything technical - it simply required complete freedom of movement and effortless comfort. That's why all our men's tops are made in a casual fit; with strengthened, non-rubbing seams; and use comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabrics. That also means they are versatile - suitable as your go-to t-shirt for both your movement practice and day-to-day life. 

Four men wearing So We Flow... recycled organic cotton t-shirts