Move Free

We make fit-for-purpose clothing from sustainable materials. Fully functional for movement, daily life and beyond. For effortless wardrobes. Own less, wear often.
Our Story

It all started with a realisation. Men wanted fully functional clothing, but not at the expense of beautiful design, versatility, and personal values.


Our founder

Motivated by the rewards of my own energetic and spirited lifestyle, I founded So We Flow... to inspire active, fulfilling and vibrant living.

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Our movers

Inspiring and zealous spirits unafraid to walk their own path. Our ambassadors remind us that with focus and passion anything is possible.

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Our community

None of this would be possible without you - the conscious individuals striving for a better, more active life for themselves and those around them.

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Our makers

Those within our network of personal and working relationships share our belief in excellent quality, practical and sustainable goods made with care and pride. We work globally with partners we trust to ensure the entire supply chain upholds the highest standards.

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Our materials

We develop materials that blend classic fabrics with the benefits of modern technology to meet the demands of day-to-day life. We uncompromisingly confine ourselves to sustainably grown and produced materials that align with reducing our environmental impact.

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Our design principles

We design all our garments guided by five fundamental principles - quality, functionality, versatility, your best interests at heart and the world's best interests at heart. Plus, an authentic passion for what we do, the bigger picture, and those that make it possible.

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Sustainability only starts with production.

We make our clothing for a long life of adventure, but defects and accidents may happen despite our rigorous quality checks. Here's how to maintain and restore your garments after life's wear and tear.