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UK delivery information

Free UK standard delivery
Signed For Royal Mail Second Class on all orders over £100.
Orders over £300 ship using our Express Delivery.

UK standard - £4.95
Signed For Royal Mail Second Class (3-5 working days).

UK express delivery - £7.95
Tracked & Signed For Royal Mail First Class or Courier (1-2 working days). Orders over £300 ship for free using this service.
This service may not be available during busy periods.

Please note: orders placed after 12:00noon GMT will be processed the following working day.

European delivery information

Free European delivery
Tracked & Signed For International on all orders over £150*.

European - £12.95
Tracked & Signed For International (3-7 working days)*.

*Does not include customs, duty, local taxes or handling charges if required by your country of residence. Having placed your order, you are thereby responsible for, and will pay, all such charges where applicable.

Please note: orders placed after 12:00noon GMT will be processed the following working day.


International delivery information

Free international delivery
Tracked & Signed For International on all orders over £200*.

International - £19.95
Tracked & Signed For International (7-10 working days delivery aim but may take longer)*.

*Does not include customs, duty, local taxes or handling charges if required by your country of residence. Having placed your order, you are thereby responsible for, and will pay, all such charges where applicable.

Please note: orders placed after 12:00noon GMT will be processed the following working day.


Your order

How do I place an order?

Simply select an item you'd like to order; choose colour, size and quantity and add to your shopping cart. If your desired colour, size or quantity is unavailable it will most probably be out of stock. Once items have been selected for order, follow the checkout process to complete the order.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order on the relevant delivery services website using your tracking number. You will receive this in a shipping confirmation fromso we flow...once your order has been dispatched.


Returns and exchanges


We are happy to offer a full refund as long as the product is returned to us in a new, unworn condition with the original packaging within 14 days. 

We currently don’t offer a free returns service, but believe us - we are working on it!

Please allow 5-20 business days for your return to process. Returns are credited to the same card or PayPal account used to make your purchase. We’ll send you an email when we have processed your refund so you know it’s on the way.

A return form is included with every package along with a packing slip and returns label. If you no longer have these items, please contact us by emailing

To submit a return, please follow the directions below:

  1. Circle what you’re sending back on the packing slip
  2. Place the item(s), return form and packing slip in a secure postage bag or box
  3. Stick the enclosed returns label on the package
  4. Head to the post office, pay for your return and post

If your product was received damaged due to shipping or manufacturing, please call or email us for assistance. 


If you wish to exchange something in your order please place a new order online for the replacement item, then return what you don’t want to keep as outlined above. Put your new order number in the box provided on the returns form, and post it back. We do not refund postage for exchanges.


My account

How do I create an account?

Orders may be placed as a guest or with a so we flow...account.

Why should you get a so we flow...account?

- Securely save your billing and shipping details for plain sailing through future orders
- Access your order history and the status of current orders

Create your account during checkout.


Product care

How do I care for my clothing?

You can find washing instructions printed inside all our yoga wear. In general, washing at a low temperature with a mild detergent and line dry is the best way to ensure a long and fruitful life. We’d advise against tumble drying as it can change the shape of a garment, but if you feel the urge, a low spin speed is recommended.

Due to the nature of the dying processes we use, the original colour of your garments may change after washing and with wear. 


Our clothing

Is your clothing suitable for hot or Bikram yoga?

All our bottoms are made with an organic cotton, elastane blend - meaning they have sweat-wicking properties. Our tops are 100% organic cotton with breathable panelling. However, cotton isn't exactly known for it's prowess in the heat. For that you'd be looking for polyester. Unfortunately the slick, shiny look just isn't our thing.

That being said, what do you really want from clothing in a hot yoga class? You're going to be dripping wet and washing them afterwards regardless aren't you? If you don't wash that's cool, if you do, our jersey shorts and jersey vest are a perfect accompaniment to a sweaty yoga class... 


Can I wear your clothing for climbing, weightlifting, to the park, on the street, for martial arts or to a semi-professional salsa competition etc.?

These are just a handful of the numerous activities people have enquired about. What an honour! There's no rules here. All you need to know is that our clothing is meticulously designed and tested, made with the highest quality fabrics and manufactured in superb Portuguese factories. Modern fit. Quality construction. Movement in mind.


Are your twill longs suitable for movement? They look like an everyday trouser!

Glad you noticed! Like all our clothing, we designed our twill longs for life on and off the mat. Let's be clear - they might not be appropriate for a fast-paced Ashtanga class (although we've been told otherwise). But, if you're someone who moves frequently in their day-to-day lives, and is fed up with feeling restricted, they are genuinely the cure to your ailment.

Our twills are particularly popular with:

- Climbers who are looking for something a little more rugged than jersey, but still with excellent freedom of movement.

- Yoga teachers who are active in their classes and also want to move seamlessly between locations without constant changing.

- Dynamic individuals who partake in regular stretching, impromptu handstands and evasion of predators.


Our jute mat

Is the mat suitable for hot or Bikram yoga?

Our jute mat has superb traction - equal to any other mat on the market. Most hot yoga studios use rubber mats with an extremely fine construction. This isn't down to grip, but rather ease of cleaning. If we had to frequently wipe down 30 mats used by sweaty strangers 10 times a day we'd be all for it. Our jute mat has a fairly open construction, which is what gives it its wonderful texture and superior grip, but conversely, it's not as effortless to clean. We'll leave you to make the call.

How do I prepare my mat?

There’s no better way to break in your mat than to use it. The surface requires a little rough and tumble before it develops its grip - which, over time, wears uniquely to you. To kick start the process, use this tried and tested method...

1. Lay your mat out
2. Rub with sea salt
3. Rest for 24 hours
4. Wipe down
5. Yoga 'til you die
6. Repeat if require

How do I care for my mat?

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water, then hang out to dry in the sunshine. Do the same with yourself if you like.

Always roll up with the bottom on the inside. This ensures your mat lays flat and doesn't curl up when you practice.

Taking proper care of your mat will give it a long and fruitful life.