Our Design Principles

We design all our garments guided by five fundamental principles plus an authentic passion for what we do, the bigger picture, and those that make it possible.


Quality to us means creating garments that are fit-for-purpose, dependable and long-lasting. So we use only high-grade materials with thoughtful construction methods, all put together by outstanding craftspeople.


We strive to inspire active, vibrant living and never feel held back by what you wear. That's why we designed all our garments with practical fabrics, reinforced seams, valuable features, high-quality materials and unrestrictive fits.


Conscious consumption is as much about owning less as it is about production. We design our garments to transition effortlessly through our daily lives - to function and look the part whether active, casual or anything in-between.

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Good for you

Quality, functionality and versatility mean nothing if they don't serve you first. That's why comfort, fit and utility are paramount. Deep pockets, discreet seams and super-soft fabrics make this all possible.

Good for the planet

From materials to packaging to relationships to business practices, we always consider the bigger picture and our past, present and future impact. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to a better way of doing things.

"One of the driving factors that compelled me to create So We Flow... was that I couldn't find clothing that had all my best interests at heart. I felt there was always sacrifice - whether that was for function, versatility, ethics or aesthetics. So I set out to design goods that fulfilled all of these and more, initially for myself and now for like-minded people worldwide."

Jake Wood, Founder

Our materials

We develop materials that blend classic fabrics with the benefits of modern technology to meet the demands of day-to-day life. We uncompromisingly confine ourselves to sustainably grown and produced materials that align with reducing our environmental impact.

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Our makers

Those within our network of personal and working relationships share our belief in excellent quality, practical and sustainable goods made with care and pride. We work globally with partners we trust to ensure the entire supply chain upholds the highest standards.

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