Seam Stamina Guarantee

For certain garments, we guarantee a seams integrity for one year of fair use - otherwise we'll repair or replace it for free.


What does it mean?

We are so confident in the strength of our seams, that we guarantee they will hold up for a year of fair use, otherwise we'll repair or replace it for free.

To be specific we are talking about the join between two pieces of fabric - the outer leg, inner leg and crotch. These are usually the weakness areas of a garment.

Our guarantee covers this join remaining strong. Loose threads don't count as they are an unavoidable result of use and washing in all garments, even workwear. We recommend cutting loose threads away to avoid further unravelling.

Which products are approved for your Seam Stamina Guarantee?

You can find the Seam Stamina Guarantee on the product pages of approved garments in the box below the price. You can also find all approved garments in the collection below.

What counts as fair use?

Fair use means general wear and tear from your movement practice, day-to-day life and a low-temperature wash a couple of times a week.

For example: Yoga, Exercise, Gym Work, Indoor Bouldering, Casual Wear

What doesn't count as fair use?

What would you consider fair use? Please use your best judgement and consider the following as a guideline for what's exempt:

- Damage to the fabric itself (this guarantee applies to the seams only)
- Abrasion damage from rough materials such as rock faces
- Damage from sharp objects such as exposed metal, hooks and screws
- Damage by any means that isn't through use by the wearer (pets, storage, transport, neglect)
- Purposeful damage with intent to test the seams
- Garments that have been regularly washed on a high temperature, tumble dried or put through any other intense process
- Loose threads which don't compromise the integrity of the seam

A seam has broken, what do I do?

Email us at with pictures of the broken seam, a brief description of how you use the garment and how the damage occurred. We may then ask you for some more information. Otherwise, we will evaluate your claim and get back to you with a solution with 48 hours on working days.