Our present and aspirational manufacturing, business and lifestyle practices.

Transparent production

All our garments produced from September 2020 onwards come with a 'Transparent Production' tag.

The tag contains details that may include (but not limited to) fabric sourcing, factory locations, factory credentials such as GOTS, farming credentials such as Fairtrade, and a summary of why we made these decisions.

We lay it all out to show that our publicised practices are legitimate, and not hollow marketing jargon.

This information will also be available on our product pages pre-purchase.


All our cotton is GOTS Certified and either organic, recycled, Better Cotton, or salvaged from waste material.

Our manufacturers only use GOTS certified dyes/chemicals, herbal dyes and natural printing ink in their production of organic fabrics.

We only use small percentages of man-made fibres such as elastane. This is necessary to make our garments as fit-for-purpose as possible - meaning you can get more versatility and life out of a single product.

We are constantly striving to replace these fractions with natural fabrics that serve the same function.

Plastic-free packaging

As of August 2020, we eliminated all single-use plastic from our packaging.

Each of our clothing items are packed and protected by biodegradable, plant-derived garment bags.

Your order is shipped in SFP (Sustainable Forest Product) certified brown paper mail sacks which are 100% recyclable.

Please note that the garments produced before September 2020 remain in plastic garment bags - repacking them in biodegradable bags just for show would be wasteful and disingenuous.

Safe & fair workplaces

We only work with manufacturers and suppliers that align with our values and meet our environmental, ethical and social guidelines.

We have personal relationships with our factory owners, who we trust to ensure every single part of the supply chain upholds the highest standards.

All our manufacturers and suppliers have at the very least one of the following credentials:

GOTS | Fairtrade | SA800 | BSCI | Sedex


Our clothing is meant to be worn often. It's meant to be worn for movement and to support an active lifestyle. We use only high quality materials and the construction is first-rate.

With that said, over time clothing inevitably wears, tears and needs repairing. We urge you to repair the clothes you love to ensure they live a long and fruitful life.

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Unwanted clothing has a value, even if it's only in average condition. 50% of us bin clothing, with 30% going straight to landfill. If you don't want to repair your used clothes, rehome them. 

Pass them on to friends and family, sell on eBay or take to a charity shop. We recommend Thredup, an online consignment store that takes your used clothing, sells it and pays you up to 80% of the sale price.

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Clothing that isn't in good enough condition to be repaired or passed onto someone else can be recycled into other things if put in the right hands.

Putting used clothing in the bin will guarantee their useless place in landfill.

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