Honest Yoga Mat

Our Honest Yoga Mat is made from 100% organic cotton, with a natural rubber weave on the base. Each is handwoven over 8-10 days, without the use of chemicals at any stage. Furthermore, the entire process is solar powered and uses only rain harvested water.

The handwoven mat is designed to improve your practice by enabling a healthy breathing experience. Instead of breathing in chemicals that all rubber mats are treated with, you’ll be breathing in the benefits of the Ayurvedic herbs used to dye the mat. These locally grown herbs impart antiseptic, cleansing and calming properties into the fabric.

Considering the special skill and inherited knowledge involved in the making of this mat, each is a representation of artistry to the highest degree. When you decide to go honest, you support an age old technology, a local community, yourself and the world...

There's so much to know about this mat and it's story.  Find out more below.

  • Lichen - Tulsi, Neem, Wild Turmeric, Triphala, Karpooradi Thaimam

    Terracotta - Catechu Wood, Triphala, Aloe Vera, Costus, Balathailam

  • Washing frequency depends on the intensity and type of yoga that you do. But, typically, you don’t need to wash more than once or twice a month. The herbs keep the mat clean and hygienic for the next practice. Simply hand wash or machine wash (gentle cycle) using organic or any mild detergent. The herbs have been infused into the fabric at an early stage, so there’s no risk of them being washed out.
  • All you need to do is roll it out and let it dry naturally away from the sun. Given that the herbs do not let the germs survive, the mat does not smell of sweat when dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight as some herbs fade when exposed to the UV rays of the sun.
  • UK - Standard - £4.95 (3-5 working days)
    UK - Express - £7.95 (1-2 working days)
    EU - £12.95 (3-7 working days)
    ROW - £19.95 (7-10 working days)


- 100% organic cotton
- Natural rubber base to grip the floor
- Dyed with locally grown antiseptic herbs
- Chemical-free process
- Rain harvested water usage
- Made in a solar powered village
- Used water is returned to the soil for crops
- Certified Fairtrade
- Woven lines for extra grip 
- Machine washable
- Organic cotton carry strap
- 6' long, 2.5' wide, 1.1kg in weight